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iriPRO Homes Born in 2012 with the vocation of leadership in Real Estate Management of all kinds of developments, in view of the new situation that was to begin for Real Estate in Spain.

Given the need for specialized managers and promoters with special knowledge of the business, iriPRO, with the ability to practice with High Professionalism in a traditionally complicated sector, we set ourselves the objective of reaching a position among the top positions.

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Obra Hacienda Doña Juana
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Our activity is aimed at becoming a benchmark company in the sector, capable of providing comprehensive services that respond to the global advisory needs of all types of residential developers. Aware of the importance that housing has in the economy of Spanish Families, and of the new rules of the real estate market, we are making a firm commitment to market Housing of the Highest Quality in all its aspects and for all audiences.


We have a long experience in the sector, where we have developed with the help of specific allies, different promotions that have seen the light throughout Spain and in which thousands of families have found their home.

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Visita de Obra
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A complete team of our own, young and dedicated, with extensive experience in real estate development in its different variants. The average age of the team is 38 years, all of them with university training, and a minimum experience of 10 years in the sector.

It should be noted that a large part of the Team that makes up iriPRO Homes has national and international experience, giving it a High Added Value to its functions.



External collaborators maintain a long and lasting relationship with the team, which links them to the achievement of the organization's achievements.


A warm and friendly work environment, and responsible performance of each position based on the professional autonomy of each team member coordinated through weekly meetings in which each member presents their point of view, experience and opinion and makes it available to the Organization in the face of each conflict, allow, together with a rigorous administrative management system and excellent coordination, to obtain an efficient and effective result.

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Espacio Compartido de Oficinas
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Tomás R.

A Cooperative Manager among the best in Spain. All their promotions a success, the last one, HACIENDA DOÑA JUANA in Rivas, with difficulties all corrected and homes already delivered correctly. This promotion is surely the best in Rivas with innovations as important as heating and AA for geothermal energy.
I said, great professionals very solvent and reliable.

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